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College consulting packages cost on average $4,000-6,000. My goal is not to charge you prices you can't afford for a package you don't need. I provide services so you can pay for them as you need them. 

Gain expert essay feedback in less than a week! 

Year-round college application and scholarship essay editing

Place your essay in a Google document. Make sure there is only one essay per document. Before submitting, go to the "share" button and change access for commenting to "anybody who has the link." 

Copy the link from your document and paste it in the essay editing form. 

Use the word count button to determine how many words are in your essay. Select the appropriate price for each word count. Your essay will not be edited if you select a lower word count than your document is, and you will not receive a refund for selecting a package with a higher word count. 

You will receive expert feedback in 1-5 days! 

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Transform your words: Elevate your essays!

What will you gain from essay editing?

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My in-depth review will...

Ensure your essay conveys a cohesive narrative

Correct grammatical errors to enhance professionalism

Refine your writing to display your unique values 

Trim unnecessary words to communicate your story effectively

Position you as an authentic applicant

How I edit essays...

I will provide detailed comments and suggestions directly on your Google Document that you can review in real-time. You can choose which recommendations to implement! 

Within 5 days of your submission, I will send a follow-up email confirming that I have completed the editing process. It will also provide an overview of tips to boost your essay to the next level

Place your story in good hands

Why am I uniquely suited to edit your essays?

College application essays and scholarship essays aren't the same as writing a five-paragraph essay for school. They are about telling your unique story and what you want to contribute to the world.


Through writing essays, I won ten private scholarships amounting in $20K. One was a national essay scholarship. 

I went through this process twice. I have written 50+ college application essays and built templates for their structures.


I have coached dozens of international students, incoming freshmen, and college transfers on their essays during 1:1 coaching calls. 

I write and edit storytelling initiatives for a living. I edited six editions of a literary magazine I hosted. My writing is featured in four books and articles reaching 1M+ people.

I have you covered. 

Have your questions answered in 24 hours!

Keep your own personal tutor on speed-dial

The Compass College Consulting is the only consulting firm that allows personalized on-call messaging.

Too busy for a video call?

Need help for last-minute applications?

Applying internationally?

Have Midnight Questions? 

How does on-call messaging work?

Instead of scheduling an hour-long video coaching session, why not enable texting for less $$$? 

After subscribing to your monthly plan, your family will be added to a Slack channel. This allows everybody to be in one place and have written documentation of your college questions. 

You are guaranteed a response within 24 hours.

Writing with Pen_edited.jpg
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